About Me

b. 1986, HK.



I am Sander Verdickt and I am a game artist & graphic designer from Beveren-Waas (Belgium). In 2017, I graduated with a masters degree in "Communication & Media Design: Game Art & Design" from LUCA School of Arts. 

I enjoy Wes Anderson-movies, competitive cardgaming, playing dungeons and dragons, taking care of houseplants, hoarding vintage teasets, visiting fleamarkets and my cat Dorian Grey. 

You can download my cv in English here!                                            For the Dutch version, click here!



I was trained in all aspects of videogame design during my years at LUCA School of Arts. I chose to specialize in the visual aspects of game development. I enjoy coming up with a complete visual style which includes not only characters, environments,props, visual effects and animation but also UI, graphic design and merchandising. This translates in me having a wide set of skills including both conceptual preproduction and actual production of assets. Everything should fit together seamlessly and fit the narrative of whatever project I am working. 

Game Design

As a certified game designer, I want to produce original game concepts where gameplay mechanics and the overlaying game narrative are beautifully intertwined. I work with the designer philosophy 'Design by Subtraction'; meaning I do not believe in piling on additions to make a game unique, but  value strong, minimalistic core gameplay concepts. I test my game concepts with paper prototypes and other types of testplays and enjoy processing player feedback to optimize game concepts. This also translates into having a keen eye for User Experience design. I am constantly checking if my work is optimized for the user. 

Concepting & preproduction

I strive to present original, well worked-out concepts that are each based on research, brainstorming and early visualisation including concept art for characters or environments and UI mock-ups. In addition, am I good at writing out my ideas an building up my concepts in written form and make them presentable as design documents or presentation slides. 


I have worked on both 2D and 3D games and am well familiar with how their production pipeline works. Currently, I do a lot of 3D-work. I am experienced with both character- and prop modelling, with a basic knowledge of rigging and animation. I know the game engine Unity well and know how to implement my assets and know my way around shaders and rendering.

Aside from making sprites and models, I've dabbled in illustration and making UI-elements.